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China Post group is a large-scale organization established in China with the law of the people's Republic of China on industrial enterprises.The company offers you special postal services based on engaging with general postal services wherein registered laws and obligations of universal postal services are there. China post group responsibilities mainly included the maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets. So that, you can gain the services with easier process across the country of China. The group has been organized to build the postal corporations in almost all autonomous regions, municipalities, and provinces across the China. Based on the lawful supervision of government and new post system, China post group provides you higher level of services according to your requirements by collaboratively working with corporate governance. The company not only restricted to current processing system and endeavors to develop a new structure with well-organized, competitive, core business goals, technological management, quality services and as well as being improving the services in both domestic and international markets. In domestic and international services, the China post subsuming circulation of newspapers, stamp issuing, postal remittance and financial services, postal express delivery, confidential correspondence communication, e-business, logistic services, postal agency businesses and other businesses.

Tracking of China Post Parcel

Apart from these available services by China post group, it offers you another added advantage to track the China post parcel easily in a convenient way without any hassles. To get valid information about delivered item of China post courier, you can directly visit many numerous websites like,,,, etc. In any before mentioned websites, you can find the track and trace option to track the China post courier parcel without any interruptions if you are having internet access. When you access the track and trace option on the chosen website, you can be directly moved to the result web page wherein one API box is present. Before clicking the track button, you have to get the tracking number initially. For that, you can note down the consignment number from the courier parcel slip which you would get from the delivery office while performing the operations regarding delivery of China post. By using that consignment number, you will be in a position to realize the status of delivered item in terms of picking up date&time and delivering date&time within a couple of moments of time. Amid of all aforementioned websites, parcel monitor is the best option for you owing to its features of fully integrated, easy to use and up-to-date. By the use of parcel monitor website, you can gain more benefits than other websites such as reliable courier tracking for China post parcels, finding of updated information on a single webpage, you do not miss any updates of China post courier services through registered mail box and provides you optimal solution with easier access.

China Post Services

In addition to China Post tracking service, China post expanded its business to the postal savings bank which was officially hung up on March 20, 2007. The main motto of an initiative to the postal saving bank is on the basis of reformation of postal savings management system. Since 1986, postal savings bank has been spreading its wide network for providing services through post offices to individuals with a large turnover. 

In the recent years, China postal savings bank subsuming 45,000 business offices for exchange service, 37,000 business offices for saving service and 20,000 offices for international remittance services. The postal savings bank of China always tried to provide you always diversified products of services, improved service functions relying on postal networks. Based on modern frame network, the China postal savings bank will make amendments for corporate governance as well as for commercial banks which offer you more complete and convenient financial services. Depending on "Deepening reform and accelerating transformation" system, China postal savings bank highlights the three issues such as team building, risk control and service expansion for market innovation. According to these amendments, the postal saving bank of China carries out you social responsibilities with profit-making ability. With these available services of China postal saving bank achieved the total business income of 58.381 billion yen in 2009 which is 6.76% over previous year.

Logistics and EMS Services of China Post

China Postal Express and Logistics Pvt. Ltd was co-founded by China Post Group and it was approved by state council in June 2010. This logistics company provides you wide coverage area network with the services of largest integrated express and logistics services based on business operations. The China Postal Express and Logistics company subsume China postal airlines, 31 fully-owned provisional subsidiaries, and China post logistics etc. The widest network of the company expanded its services to 31 provisional areas and 200 countries. The China Post group of logistics limited company essentially focuses on providing of domestic and international express, LTL, etc. The domestic and international express of logistics offers you standard and economic products within delivery time and operates on value-added services like COD. It provides you other services such as supply chain management, warehousing, and transport and also possesses the world most eminent brands as "EMS" and "CNPL". The China Postal Express and Logistic company continuously determined to offer you services with secure, rapid, convenient, and reliable door-to-door express system.

China Post Life

China Post Life can be abbreviated as China Post Life Insurance Corporation Private Limited which is a state-owned national life insurance company co-invented by China Post Group on August 18, 2009. This company was initiated its business on September 9 in the same year and it has been fully relying on low input coverage with the widest network, high output, and development strategy. China Post Life commits and offers you to serve the grass-root promoting, agriculture service, countryside, etc. It started with small business insurance and provides you the balanced development of insurance business in rural as well as urban areas to improve a new efficient system. In addition to these programs, the China Post Life always incurs amended features in accordance with the modern system and standardized management. 

After four months of inauguration of China Post Life, two post offices of China which had implemented the insurance programme and they performed 329 business transactions in 22 days. With that profit of business income, the company has been actively exploring the business opportunities by the collaboration of express logistics, financial services, and postal service etc. from the innovation year of China Post Life. It was also designed Postcard Lottery for injury insurance during traffic accidents and China Post Life awarded by the Bronze in 2009 especially for its Postcard Lottery. The award showed that the good cooperation between China Post Life and postal service sector. Later, China Post Life integrated their operations with China Postal Savings Bank which improves the strategic partnership agreement, joint risk control, and customer resource sharing. In the recent days, the partnership of China Post Life and China Postal Savings Bank to develop the minimum insurance products and it slated to be established in 2010.

China Postal Equipment

China Post group dispenses the postal equipment based on the updated science and technology. Initially, it inaugurated the Beijing Research & Design Institute of postal science. This organization contains highly qualified R&D teams which constitute the talents with advanced IT facilities. BRIPS has many teams including 120 employees which are from different streams like IT system engineering department, construction design department, electromechanical engineering department etc. BRIPS will continue to research provides you its innovation capacity based on research and development for unified version of postal self-service systems, national postal system, etc. China Post science and technology private limited developed a system based on RFID automation technology that is Automatic RFID Mail Sorting system. This postal equipment can be useful for China Post to identify the items automatically and individually by moving on the conveyor belt. Using this automatic RFID sorting, you can achieve a cost effective solution with more accuracy. Apart from these technology services, China Post possesses other implementations like tray goods sorting system, tilted belt distribution machine, post electronic machine, climbing belt conveyor etc. In tray goods sorting machine of China Post group, goods are processed and conveyed from feeders by system controlling program. The machine contains the functions of variable velocity, variable frequency, feeding sections, conveying chain, etc. The tilted belt distribution system also developed by China post and it is providing necessary facilities with sorting machine. The working principle of this machine is that it distributes the emails on a conveyor based on pneumatic doors open or close. The main technical specifications of this tilted belt distribution machine are approximated values such as speed 0.5 to 0.8 m/s, power 3 kW, pneumatic door width of 1000 mm and belt width 750 to 800 mm. Push Suspending machine is used in continuous conveying goods between various industrial parts and it consists of variational frequency and adjusted speed control system to operate the function carefully. The main technical specifications of push suspending machine are operating efficiency of 1000 bag/hour, drive power 3 w, a load of the camp cart 40 kg etc.

Finally, the China Post is a most prominent service in China owing to its adoption towards modern technology and willingness to provide the services relentlessly for customers with innovation and implementation.